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    Takayuki Yamada ♥

    Takayuki Yamada ♥

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Kimi Starr's Tumblr.
A compilation of my random stuff and stuff that I like. I'm usually around here posting photos of basically anything.

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☆ I'm a happy person
☆ But I'm not naive
☆ I get mad easily
☆ I'm average middle class
☆ I don't have my own car (yet)
☆ I dye my hair too much
☆ I have a LOT of contact lenses
☆ I change hair color almost every month
☆ I do my own nails
☆ I'm engaged

♥ Photography. Arts
♥ Dogs and Guinea Pigs
♥ Music. Screamo.
♥ Hello Kitty
♥ Hair dyes
♥ Fake eyelashes
♥ Leggings
♥ Socks
♥ Japanese films
♥ Sushi and Japanese food
♥ Italian cuisine
♥ Buko juice
♥ Ihaw-ihaw
♥ Stuff toys
♥ Monsters

✖ Ants
✖ Aliens
✖ Jellyfish
✖ Nonsense shit
✖ Most people
✖ Girls who wear heels but can't walk
✖ Mandark

Note! This “Disgust” List had amazingly decreased over the past year. Yes, I used to hate pretty much of the world. Err.. I still do, somehow. I’m just not in the mood to write it. :3

Proudly Pinoy!

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